Walnut Table

Inspired Designs / Walnut Table

Client brief

To design and craft a table that would comfortably seat 10 adults on a daily basis but would also extend on occasions to accommodate 12.


Needed to be designed in keeping with the design and décor of the home.

Bespoke approach

We met in the home of the client to get a feel for the space. Their brief was outlined and we teased out various design possibilities. We then returned a week later with timber samples, finishes and a number of sketched designs. Walnut was chosen as the material as it featured in a number of elements within the internal joinery of the home. A pedestal under-structure was the most preferable as it allowed use to accommodate more people comfortably without the obstruction of legs on the corners. Along with sketches and 3D drawings to help the client visualize the space the table would take up, we also plotted out the table’s footprint and mapped out the position of each chair.

Time frame

From initial meeting to instillation the full process took 6 weeks.

Finishing Touches

To help store the extending leaves of the table we designed a secret compartment within the pedestal of the table. The compartment is revealed when a touch catch is released.